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What to Expect
During Your First Visit

Discover what to expect during your first visit to Discover Chiropractic. From warm welcomes to personalized assessments, we’re here to make your experience seamless and beneficial.

Book an appointment via online, call or whatsapp for a check up/consultation session. Bring along any previous scans/xrays that you have done in the past (if you have any). If you don’t have any scan done before, do not worry about it.

Attend the Consultation Session according to the date and time of your appointment . Our chiropractor will take a detailed history of your condition and conduct a thorough spinal assessment using the detailed Gonstead system.

Our doctors will refer the patient to undergo an X-ray scan for a full spine analysis if needed. Why X-Ray? Too see is to know. Not to see is to guess. And we won’t guess about your health.

It’s time to start your Chiropractic Adjustment. Our chiropractor will deliver a very specific chiropractic adjustment personalized to each patient to correct their joint problem and remove nerve pressure to help restore health.

Introducing Gonstead System

The Gonstead System’s meticulous approach involves not only analyzing X-rays and conducting palpations but also observing patients’ movements and posture to pinpoint spinal issues accurately. Once identified, chiropractors using the Gonstead System deliver precise adjustments, often using hands-on techniques to gently manipulate the spine and realign vertebrae. This method aims to correct spinal misalignments efficiently, addressing the root cause of discomfort or restricted mobility. By restoring proper alignment and function to the spine, the Gonstead System seeks to alleviate pain, improve flexibility, enhance nerve function, and promote overall well-being for patients seeking chiropractic treatment.


The Gonstead System was founded by Dr. Clarence Selmer Gonstead (1898-1978) in the United States. He created the Gonstead 5-Step Analysis to thoroughly examine the spine and correct spinal issues using a hands-on approach only. The Gonstead System is a safe and effective method for correcting spinal dysfunction and restoring health. At Discover Chiropractic, our professionally trained Gonstead Chiropractors take your spinal health seriously. Additionally, we have our first Gonstead Ambassador on our team to assist you in addressing your spinal complaints.


Explore the five components of the Gonstead Technique with us and delve into the precision and effectiveness of this renowned approach, tailored to optimize your spinal health and overall well-being.


In the Gonstead System are Full Spine, both A-P and Lateral views. The film size is 14” x 36” with the patient placed to include ishia to occiput. Full Spine films use less radiation than sectionals, provide an accurate vertebral count, provide full spinal contour representation for posture analysis with axial weight-bearing, and show problems other than the chief complaint—all of which are not attainable through the use of sectional films. Full spine X-Rays are essential to Gonstead Chiropractic. They allow us to regard the patient totally in analysis and corrective procedures.


Both Static and Motion Palpation are utilized in Gonstead Chiropractic to precisely pinpoint areas of involvement. Static Palpation is the “hands on” part of the examination. This will indicate changes in contour, tone, texture, and temperature on the patient. Motion Palpation is used to determine a subluxation and its listing.


Classically a dual probe instrument (Nervoscope or Delta-T) is used to get a bilateral temperature comparison of the spine to locate areas of inflammation. The readings obtained through instrumentation will show whether or not subluxations are present if they are being corrected, and when a correction has been attained.

CASE MANAGEMENT (Symptomatology)

Although never used in a “cookbook” fashion, understanding problems with a patient’s health help us determine the area that a patient needs to be adjusted. Symptoms can help separate the two parts of the Autonomic Nervous System (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic) and aid us in applying a specific adjustment In the Gonstead System, we apply all the information from these modes of analysis and correlate our findings to determine the most likely cause of the patient’s problem. After Subluxations are found, the use of the proper Gonstead technique is applied to effectively correct problem areas.

The Gonstead System focuses on the dynamics of intervertebral disc as the underlying cause of subluxations and resulting neurological dysfunction. It could then be said that Gonstead doctors are “disc doctors”.