Testimonial By HiapShang Lim

“Recommended and excellent treatment!! I am having a upper back soreness due to long working hour of desk work. Besides that, I am also suffering elbow pain for more than 1 month. Guess what? A big difference after my 1st treatment by Dr Sean. My soreness has been reduced by more than 50%.”

Sean Stubbings

I woke up one morning after severe days of long working days and was unable to stand up straight without sharp shooting pain going up to my head. The pain would shoot off my left shoulder and had made my left arm have more than 80% lost of strength and complete numbness.. so much so that I couldn’t even open doors or even hold a cup of water.

Immediately, I went to Dr. Sean’s clinic as he has assisted me with some previous minor lower back pain. After multiple treatments over the course of a few months, I can walk now straight again and feel a lot better!

Tompsom Tee

I have been suffering from pelvic injury & lower back pain for almost a decade. Never thought of I would have any chance to get it fixed except with a traditional mindset that — spine surgery is the only way. Not until I undergone chiropractic treatment by his holy hand, Dr. Sean Lee. I’ve finally able to live my life like normal, walk & travel with confident and without any soreness.

👍 Kudos to Dr. Sean Lee

Testimonial By Jun Ling

“我在幼時曾經弄傷tail bone,導致過去的許多年來,我經常腰痛,無法蹲著太久,日常里也因此養成某些姿勢來遷以避免痛感,就算如此小心翼翼,平日彎腰時腰也會有緊繃的感覺,頸項也經常會有落枕的痛楚。
和朋友聊起腰的問題時,才發現恰好我們都面對腰痛的問題,朋友就去search值得信賴的chiropractic, 最後決定來見 Dr. Sean Lee。
在細述狀況後,醫生要求照了full spine X Ray,這一點讓我覺得很安心,因為這讓Dr Sean可以對我的脊椎狀況有全面的理解。
見了Sean醫生4次,經年累月無處不在的日常痛感,漸漸消退了,哇哈哈哈,這種感覺對我來說還真的非常陌生,是一種陌生的輕鬆感。在第4次的會診,Dr Sean說我的情況已經很穩定,以後只要小心照顧就行了,一個月後再來個final check up就ok了。”

Testimonial – Highly Recormend By Yee Man Chun 

“My Mum having serious bad arms and backpain was affecting her lifestyle recently. My mum have done MRI that advised by specialist doctor and found a slipped disc at the neck and was planning to go for surgery. I found Dr Sean Lee (Gonstead Chiropractor) on Facebook / Instagram before ans i was discussed my mum symptoms to Dr Sean through Facebook and WhatsApp. After we discuss on Facebook, we decided to give Dr Sean have a try. Our 1st visit to Discover, Dr Sean was reviewing X-ray, he explain the problem to us and do the spine adjustment follow the X-ray accordingly. Dr Sean are very friendly and patience to answer our tons of question. After the 1st time adjustment that’s amazing result my mum can feel.  It was 50% recovered compare as previous. Dr Sean was verypatience explain to us and following up for every treatment session. After several adjustment, my mum was almost recover and seldom feel the pain again.
Thanks and appreciate Dr Sean could save help my mum”

Testimonial By Dolphin Teo

“前几年出过车祸导致到脊椎受伤发炎影响到背部的问题。每次背部都很疼好像被重物敲打似的感觉,!颈部很紧困扰到我的日常生活。照过XRay, 给Dr Sean 调整了几次的疗程就觉得背部不再疼痛!整个劲感觉很放松不再有紧绷。手麻也没有了!”

Testimonial By Jarrett Doss

“Ticks in all the right boxes, from warm greetings and pleasantries at the front door by ever-smiling receptionists all the way to top notch customer service in a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere. Discover Chiropractic is the epitome of a great Chiropractic Clinic which constantly delivers spot on results. I personally have been a patient for 5 years and counting and cannot remember one time where I’ve been disappointed. If you’re looking for great and friendly chiropractic treatment, Discover Chiropractic is the way to go.”

Testimonial By Qj Kang

“My experience at Discover Chiropractic is absolutely amazing. I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Sean. I walked in with having my lower back discomfort and shoulder pain. After the first consultation, I actually got shocked with the bill, the price is above my expectation as Dr. Sean recommends me to take a X-ray of my spine before doing the adjustment. I think it is fair enough, doing the Chiro treatment or the adjustment without seeing the X-ray is kind of risky as well.

After taking the X-ray, I went back to Discover Chiropractic for my first adjustment, I felt a good relief on my right shoulder and on my lower back after the first treatment, and it was impressive that I can raise my right arm up after the treatment. Of cause I went back for my second treatment a week after.

I have mentioned my visits to my scuba diving buddies and my tennis friends with the amazing results and hope they too will give a try. I can’t say enough about Dr. Sean and the staff here. If you are looking for a chiropractic treatment, I would strongly recommend you to visit Discover Chiropractic.”