SEVERE lumbar discs herniation HELPED by Dr. Sean

Touched by the Healing Hand – Gonstead Chiropractic Malaysia

Five years ago, we started this quest. Looking back at what we have done, this is indeed an amazing and adventurous journey. Every day, we open our doors with the determination to solve your pain and health complaints. Thanks for having trust in us. Without your support, we will not be able to achieve this milestone. In the years to come, we will continue our mission to help more people and spread the beautiful work of Gonstead chiropractic.

8 Months of Dizziness, Tinnitus, Hand Numbness & Tingling HELPED Dr. Sean Gonstead Chiropractor

Severe Back Pain & Leg NUMBNESS from Moving Machinery – Dr. Sean Lee Gonstead Chiropractor

Spinal STENOSIS, L4 disc bulge with SCIATICA RESOLVED with Dr. Sean Gonstead Chiropractor

Low Back Pain & Neck Stiffness after Weight Training

Gonstead Malaysia: 3 Months of Severe Back Pain and Walking Difficulty

Aziz was suffering with low back pain and has been walking in a bending forward position for 3 months. He has exhausted all sort of treatments but none could help with his pain. In less than a month, Dr. Sean has resolved his complain.

Gonstead Malaysia: Sciatica and Knee Pain Case

Shaun has been limping for 2 weeks before treatment. His knee was badly swollen and with the sciatic symptoms in his leg. However, all these symptoms were due to a pelvis subluxation (sacro-iliac joint dysfunction).

Acute Torticollis Case – Atlas Adjustment

Mr. Wong came in with his head stuck at side bending on the left. He was experiencing pain on his right trapezius and numbness on his right hand. Following an atlas adjustment, he was able to straighten his neck and there was immediate reduction in the trapezius pain.

Gonstead Chiropractic Malaysia: Acute Lower Back Pain

Alfred sprained his lower back when he was getting out from his car. Since then he was suffered from acute lower back pain and was having difficulty standing upright. After a Gonstead sacrum adjustment, he was able to stand up straight with almost no pain right away.

Gonstead chiropractic adjustment: Rotated Sacrum (P-L)

Gonstead Neck Adjustment (C6 PLS) – Cervical Chair

Gonstead cervical chair adjustment – this technique is performed with no rotation of the neck.

Gonstead Chiropractic Malaysia Adjustment – Shoulder and thoracic subluxation

Shoulder problems can be compensating for cervical or thoracic subluxations. Once the nerve pressure is being taken off, it will restore or increase the function of the shoulder. This video demonstrated a Gonstead double thenar thoracic adjustment on the knee chest table.

Low Back and Ankle Sprain HELPED by Dr. Sean Gonstead Chiropractor

20 Years of Neck Pain & 6 Months of Fingers Numbness HELPED by Dr. Sean Gonstead Chiropractor

Gas Tank Lifting Injury: Low Back Pain with Leg numbness – Dr. Sean Lee Gonstead Chiropractor

EXTREME Sciatic Pain Get HELPED Dr. Sean Gonstead Chiropractor

1 Month of Sciatica and Walking Pain get help from Dr. Sean Gonstead Chiropractor

Part 2: Gonstead Chiropractic for “Gym Goers”

Jordan Yeoh having his thoracic spine and shoulder adjusted.

Gonstead Chiropractic Case – Acute Low Back Pain with Back Spasm

This is a S2 sacral segment subluxation case with lumbar erector spinae spasm. Kit hurt his low back while training in the gym.

Gonstead Neck Adjustment

Part 1: Gonstead Chiropractic for “Wellness Care”

Jordan Yeoh having his full spine chiropractic assessment and adjustment.

Gonstead Chiropractic Malaysia – thoracic & neck adjustment

Mrs. J was having chronic lower back pain for 7 years. She has tried various treatment but none has helped her. After a Gonstead lower back adjustment, she was no longer experiencing back pain. This is a follow up session of her treatment for thoracic and cervical spine.

Gonstead Neck Adjustment

C6 PLS spinous contact Contact point: posterior inferior & lateral aspect of the spinous of C6.

腰酸背痛,骶骨错位,腰椎间盘突出 (Lower back pain, sacral subluxation, disc herniation)

Gonstead Chiropractic Malaysia – Upper & Middle Back Knee Chest Adjustment

Jordan Yeoh’s Shoulder Adjustment

“Jordan Yeoh having his thoracic spine and shoulder adjusted. ”